Individuals’ attacks not shown on the media

I’ve been following on British and Israeli news websites in the recent month, and was able to read reports and watch many videos of individual Palestinian attackers stabbing or running-over Israelis with their cars. These are usually young, sometimes children, attacking, in many cases soldiers, but also civilians, including children and elderly. There were also several videos of the attacks and victims.

Yet, I did not manage to find in either UK or Israeli news sites any of the vast amount of shocking reports available, including videos – of deadly attacks on Palestinian protesters by individual soldiers (and settlers and other civilians), despite their much higher presence on the ground.

Here are two examples of videos (from many) that I could not find anywhere, which I chose due to the explicit content, and the fact that they cover very clearly things that were covered widely when the perpetrators were Palestinian individuals.

1) Intentional running over with a military jeep, then attacking rescue forces and journalists, preventing treatment from the injured protester

2) ‘Dead-checking’ (killing) an unarmed Palestinian man who is lying injured on the ground .

There is an illusory feeling among many that, because we live in time and place where we have free media and access to numerous channels and the internet, we eventually know  more or less the picture on the ground, and hiding from us is no longer possible. However, the thorough coverage of a few Palestinian violent acts – juxtaposed to the uncovered daily acts of much more explicit and sustained violence carried against civil Palestinians – should lead us to different conclusions.

If you do look for a source where you can get ongoing information and analysis on what Palestinians face, written from a fair Palestinian national perspective, I recommed visiting Electronic Intifada.

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