The urgency of standing up against the most powerful systematic hate criminal in the world

We all know that hate speech is not strange to Donald Trump. He has repeatedly demonstrated hostility,prejudice and violence against various groups, Women, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, blacks and so on. These hate crimes make Trump not just a ‘bully,’ but the most powerful serial hate criminal in the world, with an entire apparatus of ‘administration,’ party and speakers that back him up.

Some of his actions must be challenged by other American authorities, but others won’t be, and, more importantly, whether they succeed or fail, the global discourse and norms will already be heavily poisoned. To put it simply, we are now at a point where various chauvinistic hate crime is being noramlised. I’ve seen it elsewhere. This is a very quick and dangerous process, and would be very difficult to undo later.

Theresa May’s and the Israeli Government’s sympathy to the man and his administration speed up the process by sending powerful messages of consent and acceptance of this very dangerous man. They show respect with red carpets and gracious credit, overlooking or forgiving his dangerous criminality, and consequently showing hate speech the main door. The only way to stop this fast and nearly irreversible deterioration is with a really strong, urgent and determined resistance, which would show that hate speech has no room in our society. Without sufficient resistance we will soon enough see hate crime entering mainstream discourse and praxis, being justified and legitimised.


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