Palestine/Israel is only going to get worse

The one thing missing in foreign analyses of the situation in Israel/Palestine is the extent to which violent far right groups, or rather movements, have taken root in Israeli mainstream politics and society, and are carrying out incessant terror attacks on a daily basis, for years, usually without being brought to justice, and/or with ridiculous punishments. The police and military often protect them, or join them, or are them. They produce deliberate proactive and relentless violence against Palestinians, partially for religious beliefs, which I have at times documented and shown in my Hebrew blog. This includes Price Tag actions, grave assaults, property theft and damage and legal battles, where the law is almost always in their favour. Resourceful far right violence is also prevalent in the police and military whom are meant to protect people, and the state bodies whom are mean to monitor these bodies have repeatedly and explicitly said that they see their role as protecting these forces, thus producing near immunity to the Jewish terrorists.

Most Israeli Jews underestimate or don’t care enough about these groups, or are doing little to stop them, or are unaware of the scope of their violence and influence, or are sometimes supporting them.

While both sides have the right to live in security, Palestinians do not have a military to defend them, or even representation in, or fair access to join, the Israeli Police. Without the ability to attack Israeli military bases and commanders, some naturally opt for terrorism, which has always been ‘the weapon of the weak.’

Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights groups have repeatedly begged the international intervention, and to end Israeli impunity. But this is still unlikely to happen. To assume that Israel would willingly give away its dominance, or that the violent far right groups will be targeted, is also unlikely, especially given their current political power and influence, which have been growing for over 20 years.

The only 2 things that might change this forecast seem to be a radical change to the international approach, with significant and determined intervention to stop Jewish terrorism and include Palestinians in all the governmental bodies. Or a dramatic change to the military power.

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