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The urgency of standing up against the most powerful systematic hate criminal in the world

We all know that hate speech is not strange to Donald Trump. He has repeatedly demonstrated hostility,prejudice and violence against various groups, Women, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, blacks and so on. These hate crimes make Trump not just a ‘bully,’ but the … Continue reading

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The unsaid in the discourse about domestic and international immigration: An examples from the UK

  Notes on the difference in British news discourse between economic migrants: domestically, its a ‘brain drain’ narrative, whereas ‘foreign’ economic migrants/refuges are a threat (or potential). Read here.

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OMG! So, America is racist, misogynist and divided by class? Who would have thought!?…

Lower classes of First World countries are forcing their national elites and establishments to secure financial and other resources and advantages, which are now also sometimes depleting (e.g. pensions), along national lines, so that they are available for them over the … Continue reading

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Individuals’ attacks not shown on the media

I’ve been following on British and Israeli news websites in the recent month, and was able to read reports and watch many videos of individual Palestinian attackers stabbing or running-over Israelis with their cars. These are usually young, sometimes children, … Continue reading

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“For a Fair offer, the Iranians Will Compromise” says Iranian analyst

A shorter version of this interview was posted on | From Hebrew: Ofer Neiman  “The Iranian government is so heavily invested in the nuclear project, that if it were to give up this flag, it would mean nothing less … Continue reading

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The Yesha Council Disengagement Plan

Is the annexation of the West Bank imminent?

“Yesha Council” has recently circulated a propaganda video clip, where they demonstrate how by deducting the estimated Gaza Strip population from their demographic calculations, the Jewish majority can remain safe and sound between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, even if Israel were to annex the West Bank.

This campaign may indicate a new direction for the Israeli right-wing… Continue reading

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